General Material Bid Results

The Joint Municipal Bidding Committee, acting on behalf of the municipalities of: the City of Erie, the County of Erie, the Borough of Edinboro, the Townships of Franklin, Girard, Greenfield, Harborcreek, Lawrence Park, LeBoeuf, Millcreek, Summit and Venango opened sealed bids on May 7, 2019 for the following:

     1. Breakaway sign posts and assemblies

     2. Precast concrete basins, risers, grates and frames

     3. Culvert and drainage pipe, couplers and tees

     4. Sidewalk Deicer Material

     5. Engineered Wood Fiber Playground Mulch

     6. Precast Concrete Blocks: NO BIDS RECIEVED

See bid results below and bid packets on the drop down menu.