Leading intergovernmental collaboration for the Erie Region.

The Erie Area Council of Governments (EACOG) was founded in 1993 as a voluntary association of Erie County municipalities. The EACOG works to improve the lives of Erie County residents through multi-municipal projects, programs and services. Today, the EACOG serves as the lead expert on intergovernmental cooperation and collaboration for the Erie Region.

The EACOG is constantly growing and changing to meet the needs of its members. Joint projects of the EACOG enhance operations, reduce duplication, decrease costs, improve efficiency, and leverage resources for Erie County municipalities. 

The Role of the EACOG is to:
  1. Serve as a spokesperson for municipalities
  2. Advocate for regional priorities and policies
  3. Assemble elected officials
  4. Coordinate regional  programming
  5. Facilitate effective communication between municipalities
  6. Provide staff support for key initiatives