2021 Assembly

Fire, EMS and Municipal Leadership Seminar
2021 Assembly attendees
2021 Assembly Attendees

Municipal officials, Fire Department command staffs, and EMS professionals from all over Erie County attended this seminar to learn effective strategies to ensuring the highest quality of emergency services for all Erie County’s residents.  

Presenters included:

Jerry Ozog, Executive Director of Pennsylvania Fire and Emergency Services Institute, is a leader in coordinating efforts to improve and sustain emergency service organizations. Jerry brings 35 years of experience in the fire service to the table in his educational programs designed to improve relationships between local governments and emergency service organizations.

Nick Sohyda, Fire Chief, Mt. Lebanon Fire Department, is an expert in fire department deployment standards and has recently prepared a Standard of Cover report for the Millcreek Township Fire Commission. Chief Sohyda will educate the attendees on the National Fire Protection Academy (NFPA) Standards and strategies to achieve the “effective response force” necessary to fight fires and save lives.    

Lou DePalma, EMS Captain, Cranesville Fire Department, is the Plan Administrator for the current Erie County Collaborative EMS Response Plan. Lou’s expertise and experience were instrumental in drafting an updated EMS Response Plan to be presented at the seminar that is designed to ensure timely EMS response throughout Erie County.