Strategic Plan


Approved May 11,2016


Goal 1:

Advocate for Regional Issues and Priorities

  1. Convene an annual “summit” of elected officials at all levels to drive the policy and advocacy agenda
  2. Develop and implement an annual advocacy agenda
  3. Embrace regional thinking in municipal planning and decision making

Goal 2:

Expand membership to all Erie County Municipalities

  1. Market the value proposition of EACOG
  2. Provide opportunities for networking and sharing across municipalities
  3. Organize Governance and Oversight Functions of the COG

Goal 3:

Coordinate Regional Programs, Projects and Initiatives

  1. Expand purchasing activities to include services and equipment
  2. Revise purchasing policies to create membership incentives
  3. Enhance IT and technology support services
  4. Continue to coordinate the Erie County Signing Region Trust
  5. Continue to coordinate project committees
  6. Coordinate training programs that benefit municipalities
  7. Implement policies, priorities and procedures to address local issues

Goal 4:

Communicate and Coordinate with Key Stakeholders

  1. Update the EACOG Website
  2. Coordinate municipal information sharing
  3. Establish an outcomes/impact measurement and annual report process

Goal 5:

Provide Staff Support to Local Municipalities

  1. Implement a municipal grant writing service
  2. Research and develop centralized municipal support services based on needs