Joint Gas and Diesel Fuel Bid Results Available

For 3 year contracts for bulk storage tanks for 19 bidding participants

The Erie Area Council of Governments Joint Municipal Bidding Committee, acting on behalf of the Townships of Amity, Franklin, Girard, Greene, Greenfield, Harborcreek, Millcreek, North East, Summit and Venango, the Boroughs of Edinboro, Girard and Lake City, the AF Dobler Hose Company, Edinboro Fire Department, Greenfield Fire Department, the City of Erie, the Girard School District and the Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority,  has opened sealed bids for 3-Year Contracts for Ultra Low Sulfur B2 and B5 Diesel, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Off-Road, and 87 Octane E10 and Conventional 90 Unleaded Gasoline.

Vendor bids are available from the menu options on the left below the Joint Gas and Diesel Fuel Bid Results Available tab.

A summary of the results is available below.